The yard is situated in a beautiful rural setting surrounded by 70 acres of immaculate post and rail paddocks allowing individual all year round turnout with the safety and comfort of the horses in mind.

  • All of the competition horses hack out at least twice a week incorporating hill work and canter work into their fitness regime. They are all expected to have excellent ground manners and we use various Parelli techniques to build respect, confidence and a happy partnership.
  • All of the horses receive regular physio and chiropractic treatments and have their teeth checked at least twice a year. They are shod every 5 weeks ensuring any imbalances can be addressed and rectified
  • Cyclossage massage rug used daily
  • The young horses¬†are well handled from an early age but at the same time are allowed to behave as youngsters in a group where they can act as a natural herd and learn from each other.
  • Every horse is treated as an individual and any concerns will be addressed and investigated thoroughly, ensuring they are always in the best possible condition both mentally and physically to perform to the best of their abilities

The Team

Equine Dental Technician

Charlie Pickman


Winston Williams BSc (Hons) MMCA MRCC IVCA

Sports Massage

Emma Leigh-Goodall, Centaur Massage Therapy


B&W Equine Vets

Svend Kold Dr Med Vet CUEW RFP MRCVS


Robin Compton DipWCF

Richard Taylor DWCF