Tessa Thorne

Tessa has competed internationally at Grand Prix and has won and been placed numerous times at regional and national level. She has trained with Ferdi Eilberg, Nicole Uphoff, Stephen Clarke, Trish Gardiner and Michel Assouline. She firmly believes that everything is fixable and has a tremendous amount of patience with both horse and rider.
It is down to Tessa that I really got fired up about dressage just over 10 years ago and because she set me on my current path, I doubt very much Armada Stud would even exist had I not trained with her!! Before I started training with Tessa I was doing a little bit of everything (and not very well!!) and riding was very much a hobby. She inspired me to want to ride at the higher levels so when I purchased Dante as a 3 year old in 2003 this is when my journey began. Dante wasn’t (and still isn’t) the easiest horse to train but with Tessa’s encouragement and instilling in me the self belief which is so important in any sport, slowly but surely Dante and I are moving up through the levels. I firmly believe that if I hadn’t started my initial training with Tessa I wouldn’t be riding at the level I am now, nor would I have such big plans for the future!!

Ignacio Pantiga

Ignacio started riding at the age of 15 having grown up in a non-horsey family in Spain. He worked with both jumping and dressage horses for three years before deciding to end his studies in Spain and move to England in 2004 with the aim of becoming an event rider.

Firstly based with dressage rider Daniel Timson his passion for dressage grew. He then continued his training under International rider and trainer Pammy Hutton where he further developed his skills in dressage and teaching.

In 2007, Ignacio had the opportunity to ride under top German rider and Canadian Team Trainer Markus Gribbe as his first rider. Initially based at the Pidgley’s Kilbees Farm, England, he later moved to Germany with Markus in 2009 to set up the Oldenburg based, Lodbergen Dressurpferde Leistungzentrum.

Ignacio has much experience riding and training horses up to Grand Prix level, and an in-depth understanding of teaching and creating successful horse and rider partnerships.

David Pincus

Sheepcote is run by David and his wife Serena and is currently a stable of approximately 50 horses with a staff of enthusiastic and capable working pupils. There are around 25 horses in training at any one time, ranging from horses just backed to horses competing at Grand Prix level. As well as being a world renown training establishment, Sheepcote is also a centre of breeding excellence and has produced a consistent string of successful competition horses.

David has successfully competed  at International Big Tour level and has trained  riders to International Big Tour including World Championships and the Olympic Games. He is still actively competing at the highest level and has produced and ridden more than ten horses to Grand Prix. Some of David’s horses also perform the High School movements.