12 April 2017 Armada Donna Bella Reserve National Champion Novice Freestyle!!

We had a fantastic trip to the Winter Championships at Hartpury with all the horses performing brilliantly! Armada Donna Bella became Reserve Champion Novice Freestyle Champion in the Silver section on just under 76%!!!! She gave me a fantastic ride and felt fabulous!! Lily and Armada Dyffryncothi Bridget pulled out all the stops by placing 3rd in the Area Festival Elementary Silver Championships on 70% with only 5 days to prepare! We sold Dyffryncothi Bridget last year but the new owners kindly allowed us to pinch her back a few days before to prepare! Last but not least Armada Dante made a big effort in the Area Festival Inter 1 Championship to place 7th with just under 66%. A disappointing score for him but unfortunately one judge had very different marks to the other two hence dropping out mark. I was thrilled with him and felt it was a mistake free, clean test and he felt so relaxed and happy! A great week and so proud of all of them!